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What Is a TPMS Programmer?

by Mar 1, 2021TPMS Bypass

Several vehicles nowadays are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This feature was added to vehicles to lessen or completely avoid car accidents caused by having incorrect tire pressure. Some of these accidents are due to tire blowouts which are usually caused by severely underinflated tires or worn-out tires.

Through the TPMS, the driver is now warned through the car dashboard’s warning light if there is something wrong with the tire pressure of the vehicle’s tires. Since 2014, it has been mandatory for all new passenger vehicles sold in Europe to be equipped with a TPMS. In 2022, it will be mandatory for all new passenger vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and commercial vehicles sold in Europe to have it.

A TPMS Programmer or Programming Tool is used to ensure that your TPMS is properly configured when you have your TPMS sensors replaced. Natural wear and tear, or even the sensors malfunctioning can cause your TPMS to misread your tire pressure. In these cases, having your sensors replaced is advised.

What Does a TPMS Programmer Do and When Do You Need It?

A properly functioning TPMS reads the tire pressure of the vehicle correctly. It provides correct and accurate measurements. However, there are situations that can cause your TPMS to miscalculate the tire pressure. Having old or damaged TPMS sensors are examples of these.

Sensors can be damaged when you get the tires replaced or when your tires get damages from a collision or accident. Meanwhile, like many of the other car parts, tire sensors can get old and damaged by corrosion over time. Both of these are situations when you need to have your sensors replaced already. Otherwise, your TPMS will consistently misread the tire pressure which may lead to an accident.

Once you have the sensors replaced, your TPMS programmer will help reconfigure your sensors to match your vehicle’s make, model and year. Matching your sensors to your vehicle for proper tire pressure measurements is the most important function of the TPMS Programmer. This ensures that your tire sensors are providing the proper tire pressure readings based on your vehicle’s specifications.

Other Facts About a TPMS Programmer

Aside from being able to reprogram your sensors and ensuring proper configuration, TPMS Programmers usually have several other features including compatibility with several brands of vehicles, the capability to be upgraded, has software updates, ability to read sensor IDs, displays tire pressure and air temperature and also records your tire rotation.

Despite having so many features, a TPMS Programmer does not have the ability to prevent your sensors from malfunctioning, getting damaged or getting worn-out. Sensor replacement is the most advisable solution in these situations.

An alternative solution is for you to bypass the TPMS altogether. Other people who are quite diligent in checking the tire pressure of the car on a regular basis or every time prior to a trip have decided to do this. They have resorted to bypassing the TPMS of their vehicle so that they would not be bothered by the TPMS warning light on the dashboard of the car.

No longer want the hassle of replacing your sensors, using a TPMS programmer or dealing with a malfunctioning TPMS? Use our high quality TPMS bypass emulator! Visit our website to start shopping or call us today on UK: +44(0) 77 837 25020 or IRL: +353(0)83 847 8878 to learn more about our products.

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  1. Clinton Jenkins

    on a 2016 nissan maxima can the dealer turn off the TPMS light in dash after removing the sensors to put aftermaket rim and tires on car

  2. Clinton Jenkins

    on a 2016 nissan maxima can the dealer turn off the TPMS light in dash after removing the sensors to put aftermaket rim and tires on car.


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