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TPMS Sensor: Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying a Replacement

by Dec 15, 2022TPMS Bypass

TPMS sensors are a much-needed part of your vehicle. They’re the reason you can check your tire pressure before hitting the road and make sure your car is safe for driving. However, if one of those sensors fails, you may need to replace it—but should you? Here’s what you need to know about new TPMS sensors, why they’re sometimes not necessary, and whether or not you should replace them:

TPMS Sensors Aren’t Always the Problem

If you’re having trouble with your TPMS sensor, don’t automatically assume that it’s the problem. TPMS sensors can be fixed, but sometimes it’s not worth it.

Replacement parts for cars are expensive, and there may be other issues with your vehicle that need to be addressed first before replacing the TPMS sensor. The best way to avoid this problem is to have routine maintenance done on your car at the dealership or by a mechanic who knows what they’re doing—and make sure they check everything!

Should I Buy Cheap TPMS Sensors?

You should think twice if you are looking for a cheap replacement TPMS sensor. Usually, replacing all sensors is the ideal option. If your sensor fails, it will affect not only the safety of your vehicle but also its performance. It is better to spend on quality instead of opting to buy cheap.

There are many things that could cause a TPMS sensor failure and it is best to have them checked by a professional before buying any replacements. The cost of replacing sensors can be expensive and it’s better to wait until you know what really caused them to fail in the first place before spending money on replacing them. 

Before you decide to buy replacement sensors, ask yourself these questions:

Are the sensors really the problem? If your mechanic says that your tires are losing pressure but it’s not being detected because of a faulty sensor, ask your mechanic if there are other possible causes and have them checked as well.

How do TPMS sensors work? It’s important to know how this technology works before you decide to have them replaced when they’re malfunctioning. 

TPMS Bypass

If your TPMS is becoming more of an annoyance or a disturbance whenever it malfunctions, then a better alternative for you is to use a TPMS bypass emulator instead. A TPMS bypass emulator informs your vehicle’s computer that all tires are properly inflated. This means your TPMS warning light will no longer light up to warn you. This is ideal for vehicle owners and drivers who are diligent in terms of ensuring that the vehicle tires are working properly and that all of them have the correct tire pressure.

If your TPMS keeps warning you about your tires even if you think that the tires have the right tire pressure, it’s always a good idea to get the TPMS sensors checked to ensure that all of them are functioning correctly. However, before you spend money on a sensor replacement if you find any of them busted, know that there is a cheaper alternative to address a malfunctioning TPMS Sensor issue and that is opt for a TPMS Bypass.

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  1. Judy Wintz

    I have a 2009 impala. I have had the tpms replaced on two tires and now the garage says I need two more. I just had new tires put on. I would like to know how much it cost for the bypass my tire light has been on for months and I check my tires regularly. They are fine.

  2. Efrain

    I had new tpms sensors install on my car but my tpms lights stays on what’s the problem and how can I corrrect it?


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