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How to Prevent Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System from Malfunctioning

by Apr 16, 2021TPMS Bypass

A vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is designed to inform the driver that one or more of the vehicle’s tires is not properly inflated. This is a very useful tool for vehicles as improperly inflated tires lead to tire blowouts which may cause accidents.

In the European Union, TPMS has been mandatory since 2014 to improve road safety. But while this technology is very useful, a number of car owners are not too happy with it because of its tendency to malfunction.

One of the most common TPMS issues is the warning light staying on even if the car is not underinflated or overinflated. This can be very inconvenient as drivers are forced to stop just to check the pressure on their tires.

Meanwhile, some admit that it can be very distracting when the warning light is on. Getting distracted while driving can be very dangerous as it increases the risk of accidents.

There are several possible causes of TPMS malfunction which is why fixing this issue is not as easy as most people think. The good news, however, is that there are ways to prevent your TPMS from malfunctioning.

Bypass Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you no longer want to deal with a malfunctioning TPMS, then the best option for you is to bypass it. A device called TPMS bypass emulator is designed to bypass the tire pressure monitoring system and reset or disable the dash light indicator.

This device provides a lifelong and non-invasive solution to TPMS-related issues. It is bound to last many years as it is manufactured using only the best materials. It also works without owners like you opening or manipulating the TPMS.

Take note though that installing this device renders your TPMS unusable. So, you have to be diligent in checking your tires’ pressure level.

Here’s the thing:

While a TPMS bypass emulator can be a permanent solution to your TPMS issues, it doesn’t alter the hardware and software of the tire pressure monitoring system. Moreover, you can disable it if you want to use your TPMS again.

Check and Program the Tire Pressure Monitoring System’s Sensors

In some cases, the reason for the TPMS malfunction is that certain steps were missed during the installation of the sensors. To be more specific, it is either the programming or the relearning process wasn’t done or both.

Programming is typically done before sensor installation and relearn procedure. This is an extra step that needs to be completed for some aftermarket sensors. Its purpose is to ensure that the replacement sensors match the vehicle’s protocol or application.

Meanwhile, the relearn process is a mandatory TPMS service step. It should be done every time you replace your sensors as well as when you change or rotate your tires. Relearning is all about electronically pairing the sensors with the tire pressure monitoring system. This step is necessary for the TPMS to measure the tires’ pressure level.

Take Care of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System’s Sensors

While TPMS sensors are designed to withstand various road conditions, they can still get damaged. Hence, you have to make sure that you observe proper sensor maintenance. This means regularly checking them and handling them carefully when changing tires.

Also, TPMS sensor valves should have a plastic cap as ferrous metal caps may interfere with the frequency signal.

See to it that you tighten the nut to the specified torque value. Over-torquing can damage valve threads and lead to the sensor misreading the tire pressure.

Don’t repair air leaks with compounds or chemicals. The usual compounds and chemicals used for air leaks can contaminate the valve and cause clogging.

Lastly, it is always best to let professionals install and reset your sensors. These experts know how to properly handle them, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or installed improperly.

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