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What Causes the TPMS Light to Stay On?

by Feb 28, 2022TPMS Bypass

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS is a part of your vehicle that constantly tracks the tire pressure for all your tires. It is designed to inform you if one or more of your wheels are not properly inflated. Why is this information important? An improperly inflated tire can cause accidents. How? If a vehicle’s tire is under-inflated, it is more prone to wear and tear which also increases the probability of a tire blowout.

In 2014, it became mandatory for all new passenger vehicles in the European Union to have TPMS. The main objective of the TPMS law was to decrease accidents caused by an under or over inflated tire. According to studies, the TPMS has reduced incidents of improperly inflated tires by around 56%.

How the TPMS Light Works

Today, most vehicles have the direct type of TPMS. In the direct type of TPMS, each tire has a TPMS sensor. The most critical part of your vehicle’s TPMS. When the tire is under or over inflated by 25% vs the ideal tire pressure, the sensor would send the information to the vehicle’s computer system. This is then displayed on your dashboard and the TPMS light turns on.

Whatever happens, you shouldn’t panic when you see the TPMS light on. Keep in mind that the TPMS warning light is meant to inform you about your tires. As such, it is imperative that you know what you should do when you see the warning light on. When this happens, go to a gas station, an auto repair shop, a tire shop or anywhere you can check your tire pressure and put air on your tires if necessary.

Why Does the TPMS Light Stay On

When the tires have correct pressure already, it should trigger the TPMS to turn the warning light off. However, if it stays on and you’re certain that the pressure of all the tires are correct, then there is something wrong with your TPMS. There are several possible causes of why a TPMS light stays on. 

The first possible cause of the TPMS light staying on is a damaged or malfunctioning TPMS sensor. A damaged or malfunctioning TPMS can relay the wrong information to your vehicle’s computer system. Have you recently had your car repaired? Sometimes when mechanics do some repairs on your vehicle, they might accidentally dislodge your tire sensors which would affect the reading on your tire’s actual pressure.

Another possible cause for a malfunctioning TPMS sensor is if you got into an accident recently and your vehicle incurred some physical damage. Since your vehicle got damaged from the accident, it’s possible that the TPMS sensor was damaged too. This can cause your TPMS warning light to malfunction and stay on even if all your tires are already properly inflated.

If you’ve already checked all the sensors, and everything is working fine, but then the light is still on, then you may need to do a TPMS reset to switch off the warning light. A TPMS reset clears the error data in the system. After the TPMS reset, the warning light should be working properly already. If it is still not working after all the steps mentioned, it’s best to bring your vehicle to your auto mechanic to have your TPMS checked.

If you want to have peace of mind and not worry about the TPMS light anymore, there is another option. You can bypass it using our TPMS bypass emulator to eliminate the hassles of a malfunctioning warning light. As long as you are a diligent vehicle owner and you regularly check your tires with your own gauge, then this is definitely for you! With the TPMS bypass, you won’t need to worry about that TPMS light ever again!

Would you like to know more about our TPMS Bypass Tool that can disable your TPMS light? Click here to reach us or you may also send us an email at sales@tpmsbypass.com for more information.

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