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What Are TPMS Bypass Tools? How Do You Use Them?

by Nov 30, 2022TPMS Bypass

TPMS is one of the most important safety features on your car. It helps alert you if there’s a problem with your tires and can even save lives by preventing blowouts or other dangerous scenarios from occurring. But what happens when the TPMS warning light appears on your dashboard? 

TPMS bypass tools allow you to disable your car’s tire pressure monitoring system so that you can stop TPMS warning lights, TPMS sensor malfunctions or any other issues that might arise from having an active TPMS sensor installed on your vehicle. So what are these bypass tools? How do they work? We’ve got answers for you!

What Is TPMS?

TPMS means Tire Pressure Monitoring System. In November 2014, it became mandatory for all new passenger vehicles in the European Union to have TPMS.  The objective of this TPMS legislation is to prevent or lessen vehicular accidents associated with improperly inflated tires which include tire blowouts and the reaction of the driver right after the blowout.

There are two types of TPMS: Direct and Indirect. Direct TPMS gets the data directly from sensors installed on the tires. Meanwhile, Indirect TPMS relies on the speed of the vehicle and the rotation of the tires to evaluate if the tire pressure is adequate. Nowadays, though, almost all vehicles are now using Direct TPMS.

What Is a TPMS Bypass Tool?

A TPMS bypass tool is a device used so that the TPMS system always automatically detects that all your tires are properly inflated regardless of what their real conditions are. This is ideal if you’re the type of driver or vehicle owner who always does his due diligence and ensures that all tires are inflated and in good condition.

Why Do You Need TPMS Bypass Tools?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to use TPMS bypass tools:

  • Your TPMS light is always on or is always beeping but you’re certain that there’s nothing wrong with your tires.
  • Your TPMS light is always on or but you’ve checked your tires for any damage but there is no visible damage.
  • Your TPMS light is always on or but your tires weren’t damaged due to any accident or because of hitting the gutter.
  • You had your tires removed by your trusted mechanic to check all the TPMS Sensors and all of them are working properly.

Instead of spending money on repairs for the TPMS system or having your car checked by your mechanic, you’ll be able to save that money. Using TPMS bypass tools will allow you to do that. With the TPMS bypass tool, you will no longer see the annoying TPMS light on your vehicle’s dashboard.

If you’re tired of paying high repair bills and want to save money, then it might be time to get a TPMS bypass tool. These tools are designed specifically for your vehicle so that you can use them to disable the sensor system in your car.

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