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Airbag Light Is On – What It Means & What You Should Do

by Sep 15, 2022TPMS Bypass

The airbag light is on, what does it mean? You may notice the airbag light on when you turn on your car. This means that there is a problem with the airbag system and it should not be used until repaired by an expert technician. The airbags are required to deploy as soon as possible in an accident, so if they don’t work, then you run the risk of getting injured or killed because the airbag didn’t deploy properly.

What Is the Airbag Light

The airbag light is a warning light that signals there’s something wrong with the airbag system. In most vehicles, the light can be found on your dashboard and it looks like a person seated wearing a seatbelt with a round shape in front of the person. In other vehicles, the airbag light is indicated as “AIRBAG” on the dashboard.

What Turns on the Airbag Light

If you’re wondering what exactly causes the airbag light to come on, here are some common reasons:

  • A fault in the crash sensor (which detects when something hits your car) or wiring connected to it; this can happen if someone changes out your dash without disconnecting everything properly first. It can also happen if they touch one wire incorrectly while working on it!.
  • The airbag light can also be triggered by a small impact or even a door closing too hard. Airbags are designed to deploy in moderate to severe frontal or near-frontal car crashes. They are not designed to deploy in low-speed collisions, or when you are rear-ended. 
  • It may also turn on if the seat mat or seat occupancy detector malfunctions. Some vehicle brands experience this error more than others and you may end up needing a new car part to get rid of the problem.

You should have your vehicle checked by an authorised dealer as soon as possible if you see this light on in your car’s instrument cluster. They will run diagnostics to determine what caused the problem, and repair whatever is causing it so that you can drive safely again with peace of mind.

How to Fix It When Airbag Light Is On

The first thing to do if your car’s airbag light comes on is check the airbag system itself. Make sure that all of its components are working properly and make sure there are no faults in the wiring or sensors. If none of these things can be found to be faulty, contact your trusted auto shop for further investigation into why your car’s airbags are not working as expected.

If you are not familiar with the car’s components and wiring systems so you can’t do an accurate check, it is best to bring your car to your trusted mechanic and have the mechanic check it directly.

If the cause of your airbag light malfunction is the seat mat detector error, you can install a seat occupancy or seat mat bypass emulator. A seat mat bypass emulator is a device that tricks the vehicle’s sensors into believing there is an adult passenger in the front seat. Its purpose is to enable the deployment of both airbags in a crash, which would not occur if there were no one present in the passenger seat. A seat mat emulator also allows clearing of fault codes that cause warning lights to illuminate on the dashboard, thus turning off the airbag warning light.

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