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How Do I Turn My TPMS Light Off Permanently?

by Nov 30, 2021TPMS Bypass

Dealing with a flat tire can be very inconvenient and even dangerous, particularly when it happens while you are driving along busy roads. These are just some of the reasons why the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has been lauded as an important safety technology.

When you have an underinflated tire, the TPMS light turns on to alert you about it. The timely warning enables you to address the issue before it becomes a nuisance and safety hazard.

The TPMS is indeed an invaluable car feature, and you recognise how valuable it is. Perhaps there have been several occasions when it helped you avoid having a flat tire while on the road or eliminated the need to check your tires’ air pressure level manually.

But you also know that this technology is not perfect. You probably experienced it malfunctioning, causing unnecessary hassle. Like most vehicle owners, this situation made you think of permanently turning off the warning light.

What You Need to Know About Your TPMS Light 

As mentioned earlier, the TPMS light illuminates when there is an issue with the air pressure in one or more of your tires. This can either be a case of an underinflated or overinflated tire.

The light stays on until the issue is resolved. This means you need to remove or add air from the tire in question.

The thing is that the TPMS warning light may illuminate even if the air pressure in your tires meets the manufacturer’s recommended level. This can be attributed to the system getting inaccurate readings due to certain issues.

One of the most common reasons is failure to do a TPMS relearn after changing or replacing tires. The relearn process is necessary to ensure that the sensors and the system work.   

Skipping this step results in the system failing to detect or get the information from the right sensor. For example, the system is getting information from the replaced flat tire. This is why your TPMS light turns on, even if there is no real issue with your tires.

The false warning can also result from a damaged sensor or a failing sensor battery. It can also be due to the cold weather wherein tires’ air pressure naturally drops but goes back to normal after driving for a few minutes.

While these TPMS-related issues are solvable, they can be inconvenient and annoying since, as a responsible driver, you would have to check your tires. They can also be dangerous since the light can be distracting even for experienced drivers.


Not everyone has the time and money to address TPMS-related issues immediately.

But not resolving the problem means seeing the warning light on whenever they are behind the wheel. So, vehicle owners find ways to turn off their TPMS light to avoid getting distracted and stop dealing with these issues repeatedly.

Is It Possible to Turn Off Your TPMS Light Off Permanently?

One of the solutions to “turn off” the TPMS light is to cover it with black tape. It is a crude method but preferred by many as it does not require tinkering with the vehicle’s wires or ECU.

If you are looking for an easy way to deal with pesky TPMS light issues, know that sticking a tape on your dashboard isn’t your only option. You can use a TPMS bypass emulator to “turn off” your tire pressure monitoring system and not be bothered by the warning light.

The emulator is designed to be non-invasive, which means that you don’t have to manipulate your car’s wirings or make changes to its ECU. It is easy to use –turn it on and put it in your vehicle. You don’t even need a mechanic or a professional to make it work.

One great thing about the TPMS bypass emulator is that it can “permanently” turn off your TPMS without altering anything in your vehicle. If you want to continue using it, it just has to stay on (and inside your vehicle).

Suffice to say, this device won’t make changes that can affect the performance or safety of your vehicle. Moreover, if you want to use your TPMS again, you can still do so, and all you have to do is turn off the emulator.

Want to learn more about our TPMS bypass emulators? Call us today on UK: +44(0) 77 837 25020 or IRL: +353(0)83 847 8878 or click here to leave us message.

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  1. Bobby Lyle

    I need to disable the TPMS light on my 2007 Lexus LS 460L.Any advise.?

  2. Paul Pickering

    Is this product offered for a 2015 Volvo S-80?

  3. roy bellamy

    can you give details of yourtps by pass pleas


    Is a tpm bypass evailable for a 2007 Nissan Altima?

  5. Paul S

    Hi my name is Paul and I would like to turn Off my TPMS light off permanently. My vehicle is 2008 bmw 550i E60 . Please provide addiction information requiring with below email for me.
    Thank you
    Paul s

    • TPMS BYPASS Admin

      We don’t have TPMS Emulator for BMW…


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