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What Would Cause the SRS Light to Come On?

by Jun 15, 2022TPMS Bypass

Your car is supposed to be able to warn you about any issues it’s experiencing. One of the most common warning lights you’ll see is the SRS light, which stands for Supplemental Restraint System. These lights mean that there might be a problem with your car’s electrical system or that the airbag may not work the way it should. Each issue can cause both minor and serious problems, so you need to figure out what’s causing this light to come on as soon as possible. Here are some things that might trigger your SRS light:

Faulty Squib Circuit Affects the SRS Light

The squib circuit is the mechanism that activates the airbag when it’s deployed. If the squib circuit is faulty, it won’t be able to test or deploy your airbag. This is a serious problem and can lead to serious injuries if you’re involved in an accident without functioning airbags.

The squib circuits are usually located in the steering wheel area of a vehicle and are connected to sensors that measure things like speed and acceleration. If those sensors detect a dangerous situation, they will activate the squib circuit and trigger your airbag deployment.

The Heater Element Circuit

Heater elements are used to heat up certain parts of your car before starting it up so they don’t get damaged by cold temperatures in winter time. This can cause issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, which could lead to a blown fuse or fried wires in places such as underdashboards or underhood fuse panels, which are located under the hoods like those seen on cars made from the year 2000 onwards.

Faulty Wiring System

The light may be triggered by a faulty wiring system. Check all of your fuses and make sure that they are not blown, as this can cause a difficult-to-diagnose issue. Also check all of your wiring harnesses, connectors and harnesses for any damage or corrosion.

It’s important to keep in mind that you need to have any issues related to your SRS system fixed right away, because this can be dangerous as it may involve faulty airbags. Also remember that if you ever see a light indicating an SRS code on the dashboard, it means there is an issue with either one of these systems: squib circuit, heater element or wiring system.

If these problems persist after doing some troubleshooting yourself such as checking fuses first, you may consider contacting mechanics locally so that a professional can help you address it. If your dashboard lights indicate an SRS code, the best thing to do is take your vehicle in for repairs.

If you realise however that everything is working properly but the SRS light still remains on, then you can consider purchasing an SRS Airbag Sensor Emulator. The emulator can bypass the system so that your SRS light would no longer turn on while you’re using the emulator.

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