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What Is a TPMS Reset Tool?

by Jan 15, 2022TPMS Bypass

It is now easy to know if you have an underinflated tire because of your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system. This innovative device enables you to avoid the inconvenience and dangers of having a tire blowout.

Keeping it in good condition entails deleting sensors and diagnostic error codes. Performing these tasks require the use of a TPMS reset tool.

What Is a TPMS Reset Tool?

It is a device capable of reading sensor information and primarily used to implement TPMS relearn procedures. Basically, it is used to pair the sensors with the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU).

During the reset process, the device clears the sensors and diagnostic fault codes. This step is essential in ensuring that the TPMS functions properly.

The tool’s features and capabilities vary depending on the brand or model. Apart from the tool providing details about the sensor’s ID, it may also give information about the transponder’s battery level and positions. It may also let you know your tire’s pressure level and temperature.

Some devices even provide professional-level readings, enabling the user to have in-depth data. These advanced TPMS reset tools are typically used in dealerships or car service centres.

Why Is a TPMS Reset Tool Necessary?

First, let’s talk about how your tire pressure monitoring system works. Your vehicle relies on sensors or transponders for information on your tires’ pressure level.

While the TPMS is a remarkable technology, it is not perfect in that it can give false warnings. Many vehicle owners find these fake alerts inconvenient and annoying, which is why some choose to disable their TPMS.

One of the usual issues is that the TPMS light turns on even when all tires are properly inflated. There are various reasons why the device gives false warnings. The most common one, though, is failing to reset the sensors.

A relearn or reset is necessary whenever the transponders are replaced and tires are rotated. A TPMS sensor reset is the process of electronically pairing the new sensor with the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system.  Here, the TPMS learns about the unique IDs of the sensors, and a reset tool is needed for this.

When the reset is not done, the TPMS and transponders won’t be able to communicate. The system won’t have information about the tires’ air pressure level. As a result, the TPMS warning light may turn on even if there is no genuine issue.

Should You Buy a TPMS Relearn Tool?

Owning a reset tool is not a must for vehicle owners. In fact, most people opt to let professionals handle their TPMS issues.  You can do the same thing but know that this option can be expensive in the long run.

Dealerships or service centres charge around €30 to €40 for a TPMS reset. This amount may seem manageable, but you have to realise that this is a service that you would have to pay for each time you rotate your tires, replace your sensors or encounter TPMS issues.

Meanwhile, the cost of a TPMS relearn tool ranges from €20 to €350. The more features the device has, the more expensive it is.

Now, if you intend to purchase your own, you should know that some of these devices are not easy to use. This is particularly true for reset tools with advanced features.

Additionally, not all TPMS relearn devices work with all vehicle brands and sensors. So, if you change your car in the future, you may need to purchase a new device.

Tired of spending for your vehicle’s relearn service? Why not purchase a bypass emulator instead of a TPMS reset tool? Call us today on UK: +44(0) 77 837 25020 or IRL: +353(0)83 847 8878 or click here to learn more about our innovative technology that disables your TPMS safely.

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