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Should You Bypass Your TPMS?

by Dec 31, 2021TPMS Bypass

Each year, thousands of people worldwide die due to car accidents. There are various reasons for these road mishaps, from driver error to mechanical problems. This is why, over the years, car manufacturers and governments have launched initiatives to minimise motor vehicle accidents.

Equipping vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is one of the measures implemented to help people stay safe on the road. This technology warns you about your tires being underinflated or overinflated, enabling you to avoid accidents due to tire blowouts.

But useful as it may be, this technology malfunctions, and it can really be inconvenient and costly to deal with the issues. So, just like many vehicle owners, you may be wondering if you should bypass your TPMS.

What You Should Know Before You Bypass Your TPMS

You should only consider disabling or bypassing your TPMS if you can commit to checking your tires regularly. Admittedly, many people rarely check the pressure level of their tires. This is precisely one of the reasons why vehicles were equipped with the TPMS technology.

When you disable your TPMS, you would be giving up the convenience of being alerted about any tire issues. You have to manually check each wheel to find out if they are properly inflated. You have to make this a habit because an underinflated or overinflated tire is dangerous. It can result in a catastrophic accident, especially if you drive on a busy road.

One more thing:

Only bypass your TPMS if you are using a tried-and-tested method.

On the Internet, you will find numerous recommendations on how to disable your TPMS. It’s a combination of crude and sophisticated methods.

Some of them even involve manipulating your vehicle’s wires or reconfiguring its ECU. Make sure you do not try these recommendations as they are too risky.

Be wary of any disabling method that involves making permanent changes to your vehicle. This may affect its roadworthiness, putting you in jeopardy. Suffice to say, if you want to disable your TPMS, do it the right way.

Is There Safe Way to Bypass Your TPMS?

Yes, it is possible to disable your tire pressure monitoring system without altering your vehicle’s wirings or configuration. All you need is a device called a TPMS bypass emulator.

This innovative, patented technology allows you to ‘turn off’ your TPMS. This means the warning light won’t turn on if there is an issue with your tire’s pressure level or if the tire sensors failed.

As mentioned earlier, the TPMS can give false warnings. The warning light turns on even if there is no issue with the tire’s air pressure. It’s an issue commonly encountered when changing or replacing tires. It occurs when your mechanic fails to reset the sensors or transponders. The TPMS light also turns on when the sensors are damaged or their batteries are failing.

By using the bypass emulator, you no longer have to reset your sensors after a tire rotation or replacement. Similarly, there is no need to replace damaged transponders. No more inconvenience; no more sensor-related expenses.

One great thing about this device is that it won’t make permanent changes to your vehicle. In fact, you just activate the device and place it in your car, and that’s it. When you want to use your TPMS again, all you need to do is turn off the emulator.

Lastly, this method won’t cost you a leg and an arm. Depending on your vehicle, you may spend between €58 to €75. You also don’t have to pay for a mechanic, as activating the device is easy. The emulator comes with a guide, and you can activate it yourself. You can also call their customer support hotline if you encounter a problem.

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